Eric’s Easter Eats or E3

Easter Eating for Eric was a time for a special meal and this year was no different. He had been planning this for a number of days. Me? My plans involved a bunny and plants. We named her Georgette.

We started our morning with early brunch at ROOT & BRANCH bistro + bar, in Clermont. It’s a nice local chef-owned eating establishment having cozy (but spaced out) seating and a locally-sourced menu. Their farm to table concept incorporates ingredients sourced from farms within a 200 mile radius of Orlando.

While waiting for a plate of their delicious homemade biscuits, we enjoyed a beverage.

Snapaloopza Spritzer on left, Bloody Maria on right.

Drinks were quickly followed by the biscuits – BTW ordered before the drinks! Yes, we were that determined to order them.

Biscuits with a side of strawberry preserves.

Oops, another bunny photo of Georgette. Hanging out in the driveway with the blue sage.

I ordered the Egg Sammie and almost forgot to take a photo. Deliclious eggs were accompanied with smoky cheddar cheese, sitting on a slab of ham. Mixed cut potatoes accompanied my meal. You can almost see my sammie at the bottom of the photo.

Eric ordered a new entre for himself: House Benedict (one of my previous choices and a top contender for me).

We were waaaaaaay too full to order any dessert. Let’s just say we were keeping any extra space for our afternoon Easter meal prepared by Eric.

We leisurely enjoyed the fine weather (Yes, really! Excellent weather, sun, with clouds, temps in the 70s) as the meat was cooking. What meat you ask?????? Hang on, you’ll see very soon. We broke up the afternoon with a few other delicacies, Texas oysters. Definitely not something that was any part of my Easter tradition growing up, but hey! We live in Florida.

While they were very tasty, I was ‘jonesing’ for some salty popcorn. Never expected that did you. It’s a typical Sunday snack when we’re out and about tasting craft brews.


Eric came outside, grinning from ear to ear…………with a bowl of salty goodness. I knew there was a reason we’ve been married for 26+ years.

Georgette slipped in again! This time sitting with the amaryllis blooming in the back yard. Sneaky bunny.

One of the best ‘foodie’ things resulting from our Iceland trips were adding lamb to our meat menu. Okay, okay, it had always been in Eric’s food realm, not so much mine. He has searched for Icelandic lamb (it’s something very special) but availability is limited, in the fall and generally a special order or request from the butcher. Truthfully, I’d rather journey back to Iceland for my next lamb meal – just saying.

Meat prep included deboning a leg of lamb, salt/pepper/herb rubbing while sitting in the (garage) fridge two days, drying to concentrate the flavors. Braised for 5 hours adding red wine, some garlic and herbs from our garden. Here you go.

Okay, maybe not my most photogenic meat shot, but hey, we were hungry and they were breathing down my neck!

Green beans & new potatoes along with an interesting radish salad rounded out the meal.


One more thing is needed to take the meal over the top – dessert. Strawberries are a favorite spring treat. Pair them with angel food cake, topped with cream cheese icing and a dollop of freshly whipped cream. This was a meal fit for a king and his family.

Georgette? Where did she go? She’s hiding in our veggie and herb garden. Can you name plants seen below? There are 5.

I can’t believe it. Started a post in the morning and posting before bedtime – that’s a first for me. I’ve got my last 2021 S.G.I. post to complete (yikes – way, way over due) and another one lined up for street tacos.

Soon, I promise.


What were those plants with Georgette?

bottom left, clock-wise: kale, cabbage, collards, fennel and bronze fennel. I will admit, the cabbage is hard to see behind Georgette’s head – but it’s there.

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