2020 S.G.I. chapter 3

Oysters, Oysters and more Oysters. Eric is keeping an oyster tally, but as of this writing we’ve eaten 15 dozen of the bi-valves. OMG!

Most (but not all) of that was within a 25 hour window. It started one afternoon………

Indian Pass Raw Bar:

I had driven past this place a number of years, never stopping. Eric and friends had stopped when it was much more of a dive and biker bar. Hurricane Michael 2019 saw 8′ water surge and the staff told us all that was left was four walls. Their rebuild was fantastic.

Menu is fairly simple.

LOVE this place. You’re given two tickets, one for food. Check the boxes for each order of an item, drop it off at the bar and that’s your order. Drinks – honor system, even the beer with your second ticket. Guess it was obvious I was a novice, even after reading the posted directions. One of the staff came over to help me.

Fish dip, gumbo and oysters were ordered. Oysters came all the way from Apalachicola, FL – just down the road!

But then came the dessert I ordered. OMG! This was the B.E.S.T key lime pie. Three forks polished this off in record time – I wanted to lick the plate – just saying.

Hole in the Wall:

While Miss Barbara (co-owner) was not in attendance, her husband and daughter still provided a (subdued) level of entertainment.

Two dozen oysters were ordered. These were from Louisiana, not Apalachicola as their outside sign states.

I had to ‘dress’ mine up a little bit: a tiny bit of fresh grated horseradish and a few dots of cocktail sauce, with an occaisional squeeze of lemon.

Bright and early one morning we drove to Carrabelle for our oysters. Home of the world’s smallest police station. I had heard about this for a number of years and passed it multiple times. Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce has a nice flyer detailing its history. Google it – you’ll enjoy the tale. 🙂

Fathoms Steam Room & Raw Bar:

It’s a little run down………………there’s Adrienne and Eric’s hand waving in the photo on the right.

We had more fish dip and saltines.

While the oysters were from two different states, Apalachicola FL and Texas. It was a tie concerning flavor. These were probably the least liked over the week and some of my worst shots. Nope – can’t tell you which one was from either state.

They had a number of cool signs on the walls – maybe to patch holes and keep the place together? Just kidding, kind of. I couldn’t resist this one.

Or this sign……………their marketing budget was small.

Getting there required driving on Highway 98 and we hit some construction. This road is forever being patched up due to running along the coast and hurricane winds/surge/rain (take your pick) that hit this area.

Next restaurant during these 25 hours was back in Eastpoint.

Red Pirate Grill & Oyster Bar:

No surprise where the pirate is concerned. Add in a glass of Oyster City Brewing Company’s finest – Mill Pond Dirty, a blonde ale.

Another two dozen oysters were ordered, these from Alabama.

No fish dip, but we ordered fried pickles.

Eric got their smoked mullet special of the day with fried okra.

And just because we didn’t have enough fried food – onion straws.

Flounder (my favorite!) with french fries for me. Yes, yes – more fried food.

Last stop for the day – I promise.

The Station Raw Bar:

At one point it was a gas station and has been reincarnated as a restaurant.

One dozen oysters from Apalachicola were ordered.

I was done with oysters for the day. I needed dessert (and coffee). Key lime was my selection this day. It was okay – NOT as good as Indian Pass Raw Bar, but all enjoyed several bites. We left nothing behind.

So ended 25 hours of oyster-eating in the Panhandle.

Oyster tally – 9 dozen or 108 bi-valves.


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