Back at Work

It’s been 9+ weeks since ‘I got the call’ and went back to work. Can I just say, these are interesting times. I’ve got some photos to share since I’ve been back and a few thoughts.

This first shot is literally, the first day that Epcot opened to guests on July 15, 2020 after a +17 week closure. Kind of odd wearing a face mask (and photographing it) but it is my current world.

Most guests missed Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival this Spring due to the closure – less than 3 weeks after opening. It usually ends the first week of June.

Epcot’s big draw is our festivals – I don’t think that’s a secret (and we have some r.e.a.l.l.y cool ones)! Covid-19 has turned that up-side down. We’re kind of doing a ‘festival blend’ at this moment in time. We have Flower & Garden merchandise, but the theme is ‘Taste of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2020′. Notice the ’25’ near the bottom of the right photo? This year was the 25th anniversary.

Like a normal (Epcot) festival, there are a number of food booths, situated mostly around the lake. Although it is super hot, muggy, sunny, hot, muggy, sunny – you get the picture – a girl’s got to eat. Adrienne met me for lunch one day to sample some food offerings. First stop was the Hawaii kiosk, choosing the pork slider with pineapple chutney. Definitely sounds weird, but it works.

Next stop was World Showplace – great idea since it’s covered, it’s inside and there was seating!

Remember, hot, muggy, hot, muggy……oops forgot the sunny. We found a few selections that gained our interest. I got the charcuterie plate with Adrianne bringing back a pierogi dish and a seafood shepherd’s pie. There was plenty to share.

Stopping in here was a nice chance to cool down. After a bit of noshing, we braved the heat and continued walking around the lake. One more booth drew us in – the kiosk at Germany. We couldn’t resist the bratwurst on a pretzel roll and the apple strudel. Man – just seeing this photo makes me want to go back for another (both!).

Okay, okay. Enough about food – for the moment.

There’s another thing different going on this summer – Character Calvalades. Mickey and Minnie are escorted around the lake with Goofy leading the way.

There is also a princess calvalade with the footman leading the way.

You know, it’s a little bit different but it works for the time we are in.

I heard someone say ‘Embrace this moment. Things will change and get better.’ I’m still learning how to embrace this. I absolutely believe we will find new ways to showcase the Disney brand and be better for it. I absolutely believe the Safety measures we’re going through are making an impact. We’re forging new paths for this challenge.

However, there’s something that hasn’t changed……………..Disney’s colorful landscape! Summer in Central Florida is a tough season to grow flowers. Caladiums make great colorful addition to flower beds. Did you know that Lake Placid, Florida is the Caladium Capital of the World, growing 95% of the world’s caladiums? They grow from a bulb and come up a number of years, until something eats the bulb or it finally degrades. There are a number of flower beds planted with these bulbs and they bring a shot of color. There are hundreds and hundreds of varieties, types & sizes.

Every day I walk the park and eventually pass by this pair of flower beds, it makes me smile. Love the colors, love the flowers. Check out the bee in one of the photos.

Just when I thought I was done talking about food, I came across this shot. One way to combat those hot, muggy, sunny days (besides finding A/C) is ice cream! Throughout the year this food booth will offer different flavors. At the present, it is a strawberry soft-serve ice cream. Full disclosure……….it usually comes with a waffle cone, dipped and embellished with sprinkles, but after the first time, I only needed the ice cream.

Since I didn’t want the waffle cone, the cast member offered to add some sprinkles to my dish – guess I’m not the first one to request this.

So, how is life back at work?

It’s good.

It’s different.

It’s interesting.

It’s occasionally frustrating.

It is the place where I’ve spent the majority of my adult life. My last shot is where my life at Disney started, The Land.


One thought on “Back at Work

  1. Strange times we are in . . . It is interesting to think about the varied perspectives on life and world working at Disney (including in Shanghai!) has given you!


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