I got the call………

Yes, I got the call to come back to work and end my furlough, effective Sunday June 28, 2020.

However, this time being at home could be interpreted as a ‘preview’ or test for retirement – before it happens. So……..how well did that work?

Let’s see, what did I accomplish?

Sewing. Haven’t done this in QUITE a while, even though we have two sewing machines in this house (not including the two antique sewing machines that run on your pedal power). Projects completed thus far are cloth napkins, kitchen towels, five scarf make-overs and most recently hair scrunchies.

Yardwork. I’ve always enjoyed puttering around in the yard and this gave me the time to work on details I’ve thought about but didn’t make (or have) the time. Things like brick borders, new plant beds, starting plants from cuttings and of course our backyard.

Wildlife. Being outside daily, gave us the chance to clean up existing bird feeders, create new habitats, take the time to observe happenings and (spoiler alert) certify our backyard as a ‘Wildlife Habitat’. Waiting on the paperwork and signage before I was going to share, but ‘I got the call’.

Did not realize how unique this photo was, until I’ve waited for it to happen again, and it has not.

Mated pair of Red-shoulder Hawks.

Painting. Finally had the time to repaint & create these ladybugs, finished staining my wooden wine boxes & others and painted a few frames along with various other items.

Created Organization. Took the time to focus on items we use daily and things we don’t, created a sitting area outside that we actually use and brought together items to signify seasonality.

Eric’s Creative Cooking………….never would have grilled pizza & street corn or created our own Hot Pot meal or made French Curd JUST to name a few of my new favorites.

Going back to work I’m definitely going to miss some things……………

Markets……..picking up bread at a French bakery, locally-grown eggs at small markets and visiting this family farm in an adjoining county – weekly.

Last minute fishing trips………….we missed out on one week of St. George Island, but substituted visits to Crystal River. Finally have some fish in the freezer.

Non-Disney hair highlights.

To answer the question posed at the top, we will enjoy the time together when we retire! We didn’t really doubt that, but if we can enjoy this time during a world-wide pandemic, we can enjoy the ‘official’ retirement when that comes.

The sign came! I literally was getting ready to send off this blog post and Eric picked up the mail. Our Wildlife Habitat sign had arrived.

There were a series of questions asked – no inspection needed – and I can honestly say we faithfully met all the items asked, with the recent time spent working in the yard.

So to end this post……….I got the call.


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