Weekends & Week Nights – now………

We’re all busy finding, creating, discovering and rediscovering  – you get it – a new ‘norm’.  Are we keeping active?  Yes, for the most part.   One way or another, we’re adjusting to our current environment – and keeping busy.


By this time, I’ve been working from home almost a month.  That’s a lot of alone time.  Thus we’ve found a few activities to stay engaged with friends.  Of course, I’d rather go fishing, but if we have to stay closer to home, this calls for a different agenda.

New plan!

Back in the past………….on occasion, we would use our Sunday to discover new and interesting places to eat, followed by stops at nearby breweries.  That past plan has had to be modified since all restaurants in Florida are closed except for take-out.  We adjust and adapt, while also supporting local businesses.  Eric has been focused on cooking so that part is covered, but the brewery visits are not.


This gives us one way to support local businesses.  Checking ahead for hours of operation, stops can be made at several breweries to pick up craft beer in cans or crowlers.  Wait – was that a typo?  No.  There are crowlers and growlers.

  • Crowlerdefined as metal container for beer, when filled properly and treated right, the beer is stable for a couple of weeks and used only once.
  • Growler typically is glass (can also be ceramic or stainless steel) container for beer, used as a means to sell take-out beer and can be used repeatedly when cleaned properly with the beer best consumer within 3-5 days.

Our closest stop is Sun Creek Brewing – loved the a-frame sign.

Another local stop was at Crooked Can Brewing Company – wow, it was so empty (as it should be).

Toll Road Brewing Company was a close stop on the circuit and we’ve stopped several times – really enjoyed their ‘sour’ beer.  This sign explains it all.  😦


79B284C6-95FA-4F46-AC62-1E874732D56BOn a different weekend, we visited one near downtown Orlando – Ivanhoe Park Brewing – and picked up several types to cater to all of our tastes.


We’ve also found creative ways to virtually connect with our friends.  One weekend, we arranged a virtual happy hour with our friends in NYC.  Eric created a chacuterie plate composed of  4 cheeses, 3 meats, dried cherries and a (fabulous) fig & chocolate spread (OMG – just saying!).



I’m afraid I missed the kids in the above photo, but the kids made periodic ‘walk-bys’ and shared what was happening in their lives.


One weekend, we connected with our friends in St. Augustine.  We took it easy this time and Eric picked up a pizza – a nice change of pace.  🙂

The Wrays took it up a notch and were eating a pasta meal cooked at home.  I got the kids (and Rich) in this photo, but missed Karen – was that planned…………..



We’ve found a few other things to help spend the time.  One was a recent purchase for the TV (best $35 spent e.v.e.r.).  Yes, the Dardens are moving into the latest decade of technology.  Even more amazing was no problem setting everything up, finding all the passwords needed and being able to watch a program within an hour of purchase.  Of course I did have Adrienne help me…………………….


There’s been one more way to pass the time:

Yes, a few purple streaks in the hair makes staying at home a little bit more fun.


Good thing it washes out, since it doesn’t fit grooming guidelines when we have (get) to go back to work.














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