Xiao long bao aka Soup Dumplings!

There was a photo and article in our local paper that definitely caught my eye.

Why you may ask?  The soup dumplings turned into my comfort food during my 6 months in Shanghai.  I miss them – really, really miss them.  I had a (small, actually tiny) chance to get them last year when I flew to CA, but alas, it was not to be.  Once in a while we hear a place in Central Florida has them, we go, we order and then never need to go back.

This this article came out and Hawkers was the place to go!

378F794C-85AD-4781-BAE5-EDC266E4AED1Kind of cool how they used woks in their décor for lighting.


But then you see these……………….


We’re in the right place seeing the bamboo steamers.  🙂  Drinks were ordered as we ponder their weekend brunch menu.  Eric’s bloody mary is on the left, Adrienne’s beer on the right and my coke in the middle – someone has to drive.


We found the soup dumplings on the menu.  Two orders please.


We got a few other things to round out the meal.

F826A91B-98AF-48FD-9B16-C117729580E6Finally, the food came.

We ate Chinese style – which is to say family style.  It took me only a short time in China to really enjoy this aspect when going out to eat.  Then the dumplings arrived. YUM!


I’m definitely out of practice eating them.  We will have to rectify that – with more practice.  We will be back!

A sunday outing isn’t complete with out hitting a few local breweries to get our ‘stamps’ for our ale trail map.  While we had visited Dead Lizard Brewing Company in the past, we needed the stamp for our current map.  Besides, its a great name – just saying.


A11EF233-E16D-4614-AB37-81C04C0AB1C5Next brewery was a new one for us …………..Castle Church Brewing.


Yep, its also a church.


While not really hungry, there’s always room for a ‘snack’ when you’re sharing amongst three, especially when you see a food truck at a brewery.

Some edamame with garlic and sea salt sounds good – and they were!  Simple but mighty tasty.


The place had an interesting interior – shipping containers.  They had been used so well, it took a while to notice the décor was a collection of these containers……..intriguing.


That’s the extent of our breweries on this excursion.  After heading home, then relaxing for a few hours………….this tray of cheeses, meats and fruit was all we needed to end our day.









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