Random Last Photos…….

While our friends took thousands of photos and many were much more interesting than mine, I still had a few photos that invoked some fond memories of our time in Italy and Germany.  They didn’t seem to follow any flow when I was writing these posts to be included, yet I didn’t delete them, even once I got home.   Thus, here’s a post dedicated to my randomness of photos.  If there was a story, it’s included in the caption below the photos.


Chocolate can take many forms, and still look good.
Interesting use for blue bottles on Murano.
Artwork found during our best outdoor lunch in Italy, on the island of Murano.


We kept running across (and up and down) spiral staircases.



Even their cross-walk signals were unique.


Insect houses abounded.  I hope to see some in my future (at home).



Never expected to see a ‘squatty potty’ or cloth towel dispenser.


Interesting artwork at a local church.
Same church, more artwork.
And yet more modern artwork at the church.
Hmmm, another use for beer coasters.
The husband’s contribution, seen at Munich.
Who knew that surfing was an option while in Munich.
My husband is such a good sport (and didn’t know I included this photo).
Couldn’t resist this photo-op with the leaves in the background.


Snowball cookies, dry but addictive.


So there you have it – finally.  Last post from our trip to Europe in 2018.  We really didn’t expect to have back-to-back trips to Europe, but once the door opened on an opportunity, we couldn’t let it go.





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