2.0 December Fishing 2017

Can’t believe it!  We got another weekend in December where the Gulf tides are good and the weather is holding on so that we can head west for a day of fishing.  We should be doing other things………………………like putting up our Christmas tree, wrapping presents, writing our Christmas letter & cards or putting the final touches on gifts we made, or heck, just go fishing.

While the rest of the nation was enduring canceled flights and chilly temps, we’re sweating and wearing shorts and t-shirts.  Yes, these are the exact reasons we moved to Florida, but after 7+ months of heat, we were looking for a break.   Looking at me as we left the boat ramp, you wouldn’t guess the weather was right for fishing.  I had on 5 layers (t-shirt, Columbia fishing shirt, Columbia fleece zip-up, windbreaker and my life vest).  A buff covered my ears and I also pulled on gloves.  Maybe just maybe, I had a beach towel wrapped around my waist over my Columbia fishing pants.  In my defense, the weather was going to warm up (eventually), but when we departed it was only 59 F.

Not a lot of people were on the water – hmmm, wonder why.  Okay, enough grousing, now for the good stuff.  We motored out through the channel and headed to our honey hole.  We had 3+ hours before the top of the high tide and the first hour or so was a bust.  You know it’s bad when even the bait-stealers aren’t taking your shrimp.

But then it changed……….and the fish began to bite.  Unfortunately all of our catch were not a legal size to keep.  I finally caught a trout over the minimum (15″) and had four keepers one right after each other.  We were at the back-end of the tide and the flow must have been right for the fish to bite.  It was looking like it was going to be a shut out, until Eric brought this beauty in.


We both hooked small reds throughout the morning, but this was the only one within the slot (slot being 18″- 27″).

Ultimately, we came home with a nice cooler of fish.


Eric didn’t really appreciate the addition of rosemary to my fish picture.  I thought it added something!  Otherwise, it would just look like a photo from a previous fishing day.


The trout that were keeper size were primarily my catch.  The largest was 18″.


Usually we bring a variety of species to the boat, but  not today.  Guess they were just too cold to eat.

We got home at a decent time but then its time to ‘unpack’ the boat.  It’s not a lot of fun.

Coolers, life vests, ropes, tackle, buckets and other assorted stuff comes off the boat and into the garage on a designated shelf.  Okay, guess I’ll also admit that Eric did most of the unpacking.

Fish swimming this morning were dinner in the evening.  Eric froze the redfish and extra trout filets and served the below for dinner.


The trout was served ‘meuniere’ style, basically a brown butter lemon sauce.  Dirty rice and green beans completed the plate.  A ‘prickly pear’ margarita was served alongside.

It was great getting in one more day of fishing before the end of 2017.

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